Senin, 14 Oktober 2013

- 365 Wonderful Days -

Here we are standing on this precious time.
Still. . . On each other's arms.
We made it, idiot. One year. 365 ups and downs wonderful days.
Like no matter how many times I promise to be the better version of me for you, I still can't do that.
And no matter how many times you've made your promises to change for me, the changing won't ever be enough for me. 

Always breaking our own rules.

But beside all of that, we made it through after all this time. And guess what?! 
We survived.

Somebody said that life and relationship is not about how we make it through the storm, but it's about how we learn to dance in the rain.
So whatever coming for us ahead, we will make it through.

I'm sorry for my lack of trust on you. And THANK YOU SO MUCH for loving me with your annoying way, cause maybe I love you more with my more annoying way.

I'm not gonna promise that I can be better, but one thing for sure, I will try to be the best person I could be, day by day.

Happy 1st year anniversary, baby.
You are the most annoying, weird, idiot, silly guy I've ever met in my life.
But you are also the only guy I've ever cared this MUCH in my life.
Thank you for all the things we did together, all the fights, all the doubts, and all the memories you grew on my brain for a year.
It was beautiful.

I Love You. . .