Kamis, 05 September 2013

"When I was lost. I found you."

             I don't know either it's our own mistake or it's just them who can't stand how happy we are being together and be in each other arms.

            It takes me 20 years to know what's right for me, to know who will accept me along with my good, bad, or even my worst side.

          And then one day you came. You came out of nowhere, cause I didn't see you coming.  You complete something that have been  a big hole on my chest. You guide me to the fact knowing that I'm worthy enough to love someone and have them loving me back more.

           But people throw rocks at things that shine, don't they? 
          And the world is rotating. Sometimes we are in the air flying high. And there will be times we fall hard on the deep dark ground along with its nasty smell. 

          Always have those people who will push you back, make you feel bad about the whole wide world or yourself, and will try to tear you down. Then comes the time I really need to stand alone and hold on something that feels right even it means I have to fight the whole army.

           We win in our lost battle. But whenever we put our victory as high as the hawk, always have those magic wands make it breaks and burns. 

           But everyone feels the same, right? Just different level of hell and devils. And I don't mind cause all what I really need is staying true to myself and not giving even a little piece of shit on that.
          All the matters now is I have these good company who always be right beside me through the ups and downs. But most important is, they don't judge.

"Baby, you're not alone. I'm a good warrior. So when the heavy world falls on your shoulder, I'll be there, fight with you. I'm not gonna promise the storms wont come, but whenever the bad times come, I'll be in every beats of your heart and hold you tight. . .  ."