Kamis, 09 Februari 2012

For the best person I've ever admired after my mom, DEMI LOVATO

My friend who can read mind once told me that I was not comfortable with my ownself, was not satisfied with my own skin. I have no confident. If there was a person who judge me, I could drown in their words about me. Because of that, I was sometimes losing my self.

Honestly, all the things on my mind that my friend read is just correct. There are some times that I am not comfortable with my self. I've written lot of articles in here on my blog about how happy I am being my self, or how grateful I am for everything in my body, in my life. I DO feel thankful for that, but, honestly, deep down in my heart there's a little space that say, I'm not.

Back then when I was in elementry school, there was name-calling for me, bad one. And when I was in middle school, there was a guy that decided to stay away from me, didn't call me anymore because I was pimpled. I dont know maybe that time was the beginning of all this 'things'. Untill now I'm in high school, I live my life with ups and downs, like everybody else, but I feel something in 'here' is just so wrong.

Then your song "Skyscraper" came out. I read the lyric. And I was like, this song is a typical song that I can releate to. I'm in love with this powerfull ballad.
Then I started to watch your interview about
how you overcome with your life, about your fighting with your "self acceptance" problem, I was inspired a lot.

I am not doing self harm, because I have no courage of doing that which is something I'm very very grateful for. But Demi, you inspired me to stay strong, to always feel beautiful and to always remember that every single one of us is beautiful.

It is not that easy to do what I've learned from you, but as you already said, that it is daily battle. When there is one day I can feel beautiful before I go to school, or feeling happy and throw my pain outside my window, or going through my day without feeling bad for being myself...........than I can tell myself that I success, that I'm the winner.

Demi, you have courage that not all the people in the world have. You are strong. And I want you to know that you are inspiring tons of girls to love our self and be postive.
It's hard we all know, but I'm on my way to build my courage too. I'm strong. And I am staying strong with you, and with all the people in the world who feel the same.

Thank you so much for your honesty and for being a great role model for young girls, including me. I'm not gonna love my self, my body every single time, but I have to, so I try and be grateful for it. And thank you for making your self become someone who will say "stop, it is not good" or "it will be ok.."

Thank you, Demi. You are beautiful.
Sincerely, your lovatic.

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