Jumat, 29 Maret 2013

A Special Night With Demi Lovato

You can tell that Demi Lovato has been and always will be my favorite singer ever. And I've seen this quote "Dreams do come true" all my life, and YES, DREAMS DO COME TRUE you all. On March 24 I. MET. DEMI. LOVATO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I never know how it feels like to meet someone you look up to so freaking much, and meet someone who inspire you in so many ways. I honestly hard to remember how it feels like that day, because the amount of happiness and craziness was collide. Like, I can't imagine, all this time I just see her on my tv screen, or internet, twitter, or something like that, but that day, she was just 5 feets away from me and I could see her face clearly. She is so freaking beautiful and stunning. Her skin was flawless. And when you thought you just can hear her voice through your headset, I just can't describe how great her LIVE voice was. She killed all the high notes in all her amazing songs.  

As all people that know I adore Demi Lovato maybe don't know about this. I love Demi not because her beautiful face and amazing voice and songs, maybe at first YES, but when she shared her story about how she stands up for bullying and how she dealt with eating disorders because of cruel society but can stand up higher and get help and get better and better that moment when the amount of my respect for her increase. She also decided to share her story instead of lying about it to the media so she could help another girl who deal with the same issue to get help and get better. She inspires me to always feel beautiful and to not letting people bring me down. 

I can't believe that I could have this opportunity to hear her sang Skyscraper LIVE because that song gave me big impact  of my perpective on something. 
And also Give Your Heart a Break, Heart Attack, and all of her songs too, and all I can tell is SHE GOT THAT VOICE and ATTITUDE!

Thank you Demi, for everything you though me and for this amazing experience to see you live in concert. Maybe I didnt get a lesson about how to bring myself up, how to always feel beautiful, and how to accept my imperfection, but through you and your story, I could. 
And btw, can I have that boots?

Demi on stage in Jakarta

Demi at soundcheck in Jakarta

Demi on stage in Manila

Demi on stage in Manila (with her famous hair flip)

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